Why Learn English Grammar?

The Monster Of Grammar

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Grammar need not be scary. Image from public domain

Grammar is the most despised aspect of any language. English is no different.

English grammar is filled with loads of rules and conventions. Many of these have more exceptions than the average Joe can keep track of. To the uninitiated, it may often seem that there are rules in English grammar only so that exceptions may steal the limelight!

The average person flees at the very mention of the word ‘grammar’. To them, it is a monster that steals away every bit of the desire to improve at the language. Consequently, they give up on making progress.


The Point Of Grammar

The point of grammar is to provide a uniform set of rules for people from any part of the world to communicate with one another. It is a means to an end and not an end in itself. If English did not have a more-or-less uniform set of rules, confusion would reign when a person from Texas met someone from Bangalore. Therefore, grammar is a thing of utility.

Why You Should Learn English Grammar

You should learn grammar because it will help you in your daily life as a student or an employee. It is no secret that English is fast becoming the de facto lingua franca of the world. Communicating in English is not just about learning how to speak in English. Being aware of how the grammar of this language works will help you be more powerful in the way you use words. A person who has a good grip of grammar is able to wield words and sentences like weapons. They are able to make even the most boring situations interesting because of their ability to communicate one thing in a variety of ways while still being correct according to the listener(s). They are able to sway opinions with their manner of speech or writing.

Since most well-paying jobs require at least decent English skills as a pre-requisite, being good with English grammar will open doors for you in your career.

It Is Never Too Late to Learn

Regardless of where you are in your life or career, a little dedication on a daily basis will help you improve your grammar skills. Visit this site often for easy-to-digest inputs that will help boost your grammar and punctuation abilities!

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