Simple Present Tense Examples


Simple Present Tense Examples

The simple present tense is the easiest tense to master. This tense does not mention whether the action being discussed is over or still taking place. The only information it provides is that the action roughly belongs to the present time.

Simple Present Tense Examples

You are probably here because you are looking for some quick examples of the simple present tense. Here they are! The verb in each sentence is emphasized.

When the Subject is Singular

  • Sumita dances.
  • Sumita dances beautifully.

In this sentence, ‘beautifully’ is a modifier. It modifies the meaning of ‘dances’. The grammatical structure of the sentence would be intact even without it. However, removing it would remove the information that Sumita’s dancing is beautiful from the sentence.

  • Kumar eats.
  • Kumar eats a pizza.
  • Kumar eats a pizza beautifully and gracefully.
    There are two modifiers in this sentence: ‘beautifully’ and ‘gracefully’. The sentence would be grammatical even without them.
  • Peter climbs a hill.
  • Liu drives a horsecart.
  • Inspector James arrests the thief.
  • Tamim bowls legspin.
  • Janani is beautiful.
    ‘Is’ is also a verb. Being something is also part of being a verb in English.
  • The army guards our nation.
  • James smokes a cigarette.
  • Mary’s little dog barks.
  • The radio is damaged.
    Even objects can have tenses!

When the Subject is Plural

So far, we’ve only dealt with sentences with individuals and single objects. Let’s look at examples of how the simple present tense works with a group of people or a collection of things.

  • The soldiers dance.
  • The soldiers dance energetically.
    Here, ‘energetically’ modifies ‘dances’. Without ‘energetically’, we will not know how the soldiers dance but the sentence will still be grammatical.
  • Abdul and Jenny travel by train.
  • Farhan’s daughters play football.
  • Farhan’s daughters make a treehouse.
  • The dancers sit under a tree.
  • The forests of Malaysia are lush.
  • The meteors strike Antarctica.
  • People weep for the dead.
  • Sandeep, Jacob and Cindy sit in the lawn.
  • A cow, a rabbit and a monkey run a race.
  • People and things are unimportant.
  • Papayas, Mangoes and Apples taste fantastic.

The Final Word

I hope you are now clear about how sentences in the simple present tense are constructed. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section. Your feedback is also most welcome!
If you want a general overview of how the various tenses (12 in all) work, take a look at this post.

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