Active Voice Vs. Passive Voice

If you’ve ever struggled to identify the differences between the active and passive voices, stop worrying! This post will clear things up for you.

The basic structure of a sentence in the active voice is Subject+ Verb + Object while in the passive voice it is Object + Verb + Subject.


Here’s a table to make things clearer.

Active Passive
Easier to understand Harder to understand
Results in shorter sentences Results in longer sentences
Someone does something Something is done by someone
Focuses on doer Focuses on receiver or action
Examples Examples
Jimmy shot the sparrow. The sparrow was shot by Jimmy.
Someone has opened the door. The door has been opened (by someone).
I am reading a book. A book is being read by me.
They will advise you. You will be advised by them.
He loved cars. Cars were loved by him.
Tim kissed the bear. The bear was kissed by Tim.
He removes a thorn. A thorn is removed by him.
He searched for John. John was searched for by him.
We loved our neighbours immensely. Our neighbours were loved by us immensely.
James ate the fruit. The fruit was eaten by James.


There is much more we can learn about the active and passive voices, but what’s in this post is sufficient for a start. Remember, learning slowly is better than rushing the learning process and gaining nothing!

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