My name is Rohan Rinaldo Felix. I have a background in English Literature, having done both my graduation and Master’s in the subject. I’ve worked as a copywriter and copy editor in the advertising and academic services industries. I’ve been passionate about the English language all my life.

Over the years, many of my friends, classmates, colleagues, and acquaintances have sought my assistance in matters of language. I’ve helped them when possible.

I’ve started this blog to help break down grammatical concepts to the best of my ability. I believe that language is generally a fluid construct and that emphasising obscure rules too much does not serve any meaningful purpose. Unfortunately, the minds in the educational system think differently and place too much of an emphasis on remembering tiny rules of grammar that are not really important in the real world. This has led to an epidemic of individuals who know all there is to know about grammar but who cannot stitch together two decent sentences!

I want to change this.

I constantly update this blog with my research and explanations of grammar concepts. My specific target audience is those who speak English as a second language, though others may benefit as well.

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